Differential Service in Edmonds, WA

What is a car’s differential? What does it do?

When you turn right, the wheels on your vehicle’s left side have to travel a greater distance than the wheels on the right side, so the wheels on the right have to turn a bit faster than the wheels on the left. A car’s differential is a set of planetary gears that works with your transmission to allow each wheel to spin at different speeds.

How do I know if there are problems with my differential?

Here are some signs that there is a problem with your differential:

  • You hear a whirring noise while decelerating.
  • You hear a rumbling sound when your car is travelling faster than 15mph.
  • You feel a banging or skipping when cornering.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to Village Transmission & Auto Clinic today. We are located in Edmonds and have been fixing cars since 1964.

How often should I come in for differential service?

Your differential should be checked as part of your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance. The frequency at which it should be checked depends on the car you have. To check on the specifics for your car, feel free to call Village Transmission & Auto Clinic for more information.

What does a differential service entail?

A car’s differential has fluid to keep the gears cool and properly lubricated. During a differential service, your technician will check your differential fluid level and top it off if necessary. At Village Transmission & Auto Clinic in Edmonds, we will thoroughly inspect your differential and will make the needed repairs as efficiently as possible.

How much will a differential service cost?

The average cost to change differential fluid is anywhere between $60-$160. If your differential needs more extensive repairs, you’re looking at $200-$800, depending on the labor and parts needed to repair the differential. To get a service quote from Village Transmission & Auto Clinic, you can give us a call at 425-778-0194.

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