How Do the Defrosters Work In My Car?

For drivers in Edmonds, WA, it is a familiar sight to see frost and frozen windshields in the morning. While most people keep an ice scraper tool on standby, the defrosters in your car can significantly reduce the time it takes to melt your windshield. It helps clear the windshield by heating it up. When your defrosters stop working, it is a major inconvenience and not something you should blow off. 

To understand how it all works, you should know that various parts from multiple systems allow you to defrost and/or defog the windshield efficiently. The defroster is linked to both the HVAC system and the cooling system. The radiator and heater core use the heat absorbed by the coolant in the engine and use it to defrost the windshield. In other words, the cooling system also affects heater performance too. 

You should never cut corners to warm up your windshield in the winter as it can damage the glass. Instead, you should follow these steps to defrost your car:

  1. Turn on the engine
  2. Switch the heater on to defrost or maximum temperature setting. Direct airflow towards the windshield. 
  3. Once some of the ice melts, turn on the A/C. While it sounds counter-intuitive, it prevents the windshield from getting foggy.

Make sure that air recirculation settings are turned off. In a matter of minutes, you should be on your way. It helps if you use an ice scraper or snow brush to get rid of any excess frost on the windshield.

Now you know how to use the defrosters and how it works, you should make an effort to keep your heating and cooling system in check year-round. If you need heater repairs or cooling system service, please do not hesitate to come by Village Transmission & Auto Clinic in Edmonds, WA.

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