Top Tips for Driving in the Rain

If you've been a Washington resident for a while now, you know that the rain does not come to play during this time of year. Driving in rainy conditions is more challenging for most drivers than driving in clear weather due to various reasons. For instance, heavy showers make it harder on drivers to see what is ahead of them. The rain also makes it more difficult for drivers to stop their vehicles. Other risks also include the dangers of hydroplaning.

A healthy set of tires with optimal tread depth can improve your safety in rainy conditions. Besides having adequate tires, you should be extra careful when driving. Below are some safety tips for driving in the rain:

Tip #1: Switch on Your Lights (Never Your Brights)

Although most cars nowadays are equipped with automatic lights, you should remember to turn on your headlights to ensure others see you and you can see others. However, please do not turn on the high beams as they will reflect off the wet surfaces, making it more difficult to see.

Tip #2: Slow Down

A good common practice to do at all times is to leave at least five seconds of following distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. Don't feel pressured to drive the speed limit as the number is only set for optimal conditions.

Tip #3: Do Not Get in Too Deep

You should avoid driving through large puddles or where the rainwater covers the roadway markings as you can run the risk of hydroplaning. It takes as little as three inches of water to spin your vehicle out of your control. 

Tip #4: Do Not Turn Your Hazards On

When it starts pouring outside, your visibility is drastically decreased. Consequently, many people feel that they need to turn on their hazard lights to bring themselves to others' attention. Unfortunately, this practice can be more of a distraction and cause confusion rather than help others.

Tip #5: Stop If Necessary

If you feel unsafe driving, it's best to pull over and stop. Do use your hazard lights when you are stopped on the side of the road.


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