What Are the Most Common Winter Car Problems?

Most drivers usually dread making their commutes this time of year because the cold can make it miserable. It is especially true if it rains or snows. The best way to stay prepared for inclement weather is by ensuring your car is fully prepped for it. 

A thorough vehicle inspection at Village Transmission & Auto Clinic can help guarantee that your vehicle stays reliable and in tip-top shape for the cold winter weather. We can help you with any maintenance and repair items that your car may need to overcome the winter road obstacles.

Below are some of the common struggles that most drivers in Edmonds, WA, have to deal with in the winter:

  • Engine overheating - Because the cold can thicken up your vehicle fluids, oil runs slower in freezing temperatures, making it more difficult to lubricate the engine and maintain a safe temperature properly.
  • Drained battery - Batteries struggle to hold a charge in the winter, meaning they won't have enough juice to start your car.
  • Faulty radiator - If you hear a loud squealing, see warning lights come on, or notice steam coming out of the hood shortly after you turn it on your engine, the cooling system is probably in danger. It may mean that your radiator froze overnight and cracked in some cases.
  • Bald tires - Tire treads are needed to help your wheels direct snow and water away from the road path. Without sufficient tread, your tires will not grip the road properly, making it more likely you slip and slide on the road. You may also struggle to brake as your car can't make contact with the road.

Please come into our auto repair shop for a winter inspection to avoid all these car problems and a complete vehicle breakdown this season. Our specialists can get you the necessary services to ensure your ride is safe, comfortable, and reliable.

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