What to Carry in Your Trunk This Winter

Driving around during winter is dangerous, and things can turn disastrous very quickly. Therefore, you had better carry things that will keep you safe during winter. A winter emergency kit may save your life and will at least put your mind at ease. The following are some items to carry in your trunk this winter:

Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

There is always a chance of a snow flurry when driving during winter which will leave several inches of snow on your car. Such an amount of snow on the windows will severely impede your vision. Snow and ice on your vehicle could also fly off and hit other cars, increasing the chances of accidents.

You should carry an ice scraper and snow brush to clear snow and ice from your car. Use them on the windshield, windows, mirrors, and lights before driving.


A shovel is a must-have tool during winter. It is the best tool to clear snow and ice around your car. A shovel can help you make a path if you are stuck in the snow.

The size of the shovel will depend on your car. It is best to have a large enough shovel to move heaps of snow. A collapsible shovel will help save space in the trunk.

Snacks And Water

When it gets too cold, you will need more food, especially if you are stuck on a winter road. You can be stuck on a road for hours where body heat drops drastically.

The most important things will be food and water. Therefore, ensure you carry clean drinking water and snacks in the trunk.

You need many things in your trunk during winter. Start with the items above and keep adding other useful items.
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