Why You Should Get a PPI Before Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Thinking of gifting a pre-owned car, SUV, or truck for the holidays? Or simply want to treat yourself to a new vehicle? Before you jump into buying a car, there are many things you should consider like where you’re buying from, who you’re buying from, what kind of car you want, how old is the car, etc. All things aside, there is a lot of research that you should do to avoid making the mistake of buying a lemon. The surest way to back up the decision process is by getting a pre-purchase inspection or PPI.

A PPI is a thorough assessment of a used vehicle, one that is on the market to be sold. This evaluation can give you insight into the vehicle’s health and may uncover any problems that may require repairs. It serves to help you make an educated, more confident decision about buying a car that fits your wants, needs, and overall expectations. 

Where Can I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection? At Village Transmission & Auto Clinic, of course! Our technicians are experienced and equipped to handle PPIs. Every PPI includes an in-depth inspection, diagnostics scan, and test drive. We will assess the vehicle from bumper-to-bumper and give you a full report at the end. We will even provide an estimate on the services or repairs that the car may need. You can use any of our findings to negotiate or simply get all the confirmation you need to make your final decision.

If the seller of the vehicle refuses to have this done, it is a huge concern and shows a lack of trust. Overall, a pre-purchase inspection is a harmless and unbiased procedure that can go a long way in protecting your purchase. If you need a PPI completed, feel free to call or visit Village Transmission & Auto Clinic.

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